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About Us

We aim to provide a platform for individual to come together and broaden their social circle, remove the initial barrier and stigma that usually arises when talking to a stranger for the first time. Through our platform, you would be able to hone your texting and social skills which are essential in dating. Have Fun!

This interesting and unique service provides addictive fun group chats and maximum fun events with new friends.

For first 20 paxs (U.P $50)
Maximum fun at events and addictive chats with new friends for 14 days
*Trial period. Excluding personal event expense.

How Does it Work?

Step 1 : Register your interest Each person can joins maximum 2 chat groups. Your primary chat group will be based on your age. You can choose to join the second chat group based on your interests in various available topics.

Register your interest by filling up a simple form below.

Step 2 : Make payment and join the chat group Once the chat group is ready, you will receive an email on how to setup Telegram account and make payment by PayNow or Bank transfer. After the payment has made, group admin will invite you to the chat group.

Step 3 : Chat with New Friends and sign up for meet up event Have fun chatting with new friends! When it time to meet up with your new friends, you can sign up the meet up event organized by us or other chat groups.
Step 4 : Free to attend any meet up event!Unleashing your imagination! Games, dining, karaoke, hiking, natural walk or compete amazing race game with other chat group. Group admin will be there to facilitate the event.
Real Connections
Join Now and Get a Warm Meaningful Connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select chat group and join more than one chat group?Each person can joins maximum 2 chat groups. Your primary chat group will be based on your age. You can choose to join the second chat group based on your interests in various available topics.

How many free meet up events can I attend? You can attend any event during your 14 days services period. For example, if you join the chat group on 1 Jan, your service period is 1 Jan to 14 Jan. You can attend any event before 14 Jan.

Is there an additional fee for attending meet up event? You will only need to pay for your own expense during the event if any. There will be additional administration fee for event such as oversea and games.

I feel uncomfortable to share my number at WhatsApp, Line or WeChat.We are using Telegram as our chat application so your mobile number will never be shared in the chat group.

I am a shy person. Will I get assistance during the chat in the group?Yes. Group admin will assist you in the chat group.

What happens after 14 days? Group admin will remove you from the chat group and you are not allowed to attend any meet up event. If you wish to remain in the chat group or join other chat group, you will need to renew the services.

What is the maximum and minimum people in the chat group and meet up?For chat group and meet up event, the minimum is 6 people and maximum is 20. Gender ratio is 6:4 if possible.

Can I chat with another person individually? Of course! You are free to chat with anyone individually if he/she accepts your invitation.

Can I organize my own meet up event without group admin?Due to PDPA policy, we don't allow self organize meet up event.

Will you block out annoying person in the chat group?For misbehave individual whom failed to follow the code of conducts, we will remove him/her from all chat groups for 7 days. For serious offence, we will terminate the service immediately. There will be no refund.

Who Can Join?

Our services are for Singaporeans and Singapore PRs only. We will randomly request member's NRIC number* to be submitted for screening against the ROM/ROMM records.

*From 2019, it will be illegal to collect, use or disclose NRIC numbers or make copies of the identity card, under stricter rules spelt out by the Personal Data Protection Commission. Therefore we are not able to check marital status from Registry of Marriage for all members.

Report a person
You can report people for "Bad Offline or Online Behavior." If you meet up with somebody who is a total creep, makes you feel uncomfortable, is disrespectful, or anything that makes you feel unsafe, drop us an email at .

If you know someone is using our services but married/not legally divorced/In-Relationship, please email us the detail it at .

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